Site navigation and user interface design problem complaints and reports:

Some experts advise that one must actually disregard user reports on interface usability entirely, and instead, literally stand over their shoulders to watch the users and observe whatever the problem really turns out to be.

Alas, however, such measures are seldom feasible Online. That is why, instead, the user must be prevailed upon to observe and record their own interactions with the interface, to make notes as they interact Online, step by step, when a problem arises.

This is why procedure for the report of technical problems applies much the same to site navigation and user interface design issues and problems, even if there are actually no technical problems as such.

It's not about knowing everything, just lucid specificity as to exactly whatever may not clear, so that usability can be addressed and improved.

In case of site navigation and user interface design issues and problems, please write a clear trouble report, describing in detail the nature of your problem. The more information that you provide, the better and faster the interface and/or navigation can be corrected or reworked as needed. Give the URL(s) (Web addresses typically beginning with "http://") of the pages(s) where whatever problems have been encountered, the steps in whatever path or process thereto, what you where trying to do, reach or find, and give a step by step explanation of how the problem arose, how and why there has been any difficulty encountered or confusion experienced, and whatever in specific may be perceived as unclear, confusing, cumbersome or difficult therein. Walk me through it! (Yes, really, no kidding.)

Likewise, assessment of any modification will require renewed attempt there after. So, please be ready to answer in detail any follow up questions in order to assist in any redesign or modification.

Even failure requires the attempt. And beta testing is appreciated. The decision to participate or not lies with the individual. Usability, as such, remains entirely a function of usage. And usage is the occurrence of usage, which by definition does not include non usage which is a non occurrence.

Even morally outraged demands for the emplacement of content advisory also fall under the heading of navigation and interface, and so much the same procedures will be required, as applicable. There are many pages of content on this site, over two hundred and counting, and therefore the chances go against simply guessing right which one may have become object of concern or offence for whatever conceivable reason! And so, specific URLs (Web addresses typically beginning with "http://") of whatever content and user path of access thereto (because content warning must appear before entry into whatever content they pertain) not to mention lucid expression of whatever specific objection or concern remain indispensable for an intelligible report facilitating sensible discourse enabling voluntary placement of content warnings however and if ever as and should the webmaster see fit.

Therefore it will be ludicrous and unreasonable to sulk in resentment over the above or similar statement, the preconditions made being intrinsic, inextricable and not arbitrary.

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To submit your report, please proceed to the support forum.



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