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Introduction: the pitch...

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather do something else."  — Sir James Mathew Barrie

Imagine if one fine day, your boss enrolled you in a course to learn and cultivate innovation: You'd probably agree to go. If innovation where to be pursued in a context of new venture creation (starting new businesses from scratch!), then so much the better. Imagine finding yourself being recruited into management team formation. How exciting! But then you glance at the first item on the syllabus: Team building exercises. Yawn: What a bore! But wait: In the promised spirit of innovation, the teambuilding exercise regimen consists of brainstorming and advanced collaboration in creative fiction writing. Even if that seems just a little contrived and a bit of as stretch, perhaps you'd hope for the best and extend the benefit of the doubt. It might be fun.
Again, what if the objective was not only of seriously writing quality fiction together by means of ongoing free exchange, but instead of following some plodding lesson plan of contrived exercises for passing grades on tests, the agenda was similarly to collaborate and actually buckle down on researching and developing game changing innovative new venture creation, from first concept, development, feasibility study, business planning and management team formation, all the way through to capitalization and implementation, all at our own pace together?
Consider also the outlandish notion that despite fiction writing coming merely as a tool for approaching innovation and collaboration, then shifting into the context of new venture creation, nevertheless, aptitude in fiction writing will be pursued seriously, even rigorously. -That the stories will not just be schoolwork bullshit, but hopefully we will get better at fiction writing and learn by creating surprising and worthwhile polished quality output. Indeed, that might be greeted with some relief! Because acquiescence to bullshit engenders dystress unless you're just a complete and utter tool to begin with! And what are viable business plans, but rigorously plausible stories that can be enacted successfully? Rather than sitting for lectures and doing assignments for passing grades on tests, instead imagine brainstorm together as joint authors in fiction writing together. This might be something you'd want to recommend to ethers!
But what could make all this even better still? Answer, a revolution in social life: The added design challenge of optimizing the PR and recruitment outreach for all the above, for purposes of more operant and fulfilling individual social life and networking.
And what if all of this where a beta test, so that enrollment came free of charge for all! What an invitation to life changing opportunity!

Well, I ain't yer boss, this ain't no damn job, and there ain't no fuckin' course neither! So, think for yourself, asshole! This is a solicitation for participation as cofounders in concurrent fiction writing  joint authorship in creative synergy with collaboration in disruptive game changing innovative new venture creation from first concept, development, feasibility study, business planning and management team formation, all the way through to capitalization and implementation, all at our own pace together. -And yes, also a design challenge and initiative to revolutionize our social lives.

Of course, there can be no guarantees. And risk is quite rightly frightening. We may only come to wish that we had a teacher to spoon feed us all that we will need, or a boss to only tell us what to do next! We may find the learning curve steep, and the different knowledge and skill sets necessary, must be acquired by learning together as we go and by ongoing recruitment efforts.
Can there ever be any hope that an experience of real freedom under true acceptance rather than only restrictive and invalidating conditionality, is even possible? For how cynical, alienated and lonely if impossible! Can there even exist or occur any kind of membership and belonging that does not inevitably demand and inflict heteronomy and compromise autonomy? And how can that be? The need for organization and even recourse to any minimum of authority, is manifest. So sheer anarchy is no answer. However, if some is good, it hardly follows that more is better. Indeed, as for the imposition of authority, a sharp curve of diminishing and negative returns applies! A better general answer is that collective membership or social participation reinforces shared values, and as corroborated by repeated observation, said values can be democratic and of autonomy rather than of conformism and heteronomy. Better still, such values as relative equality are even sometimes ever put into practice. But this may all be easier said than done.
Pleasure + engagement + meaning = fulfillment. The problem is of social engineering of optimal social stimulus struggle bringing about meaningful and pleasurable optimal reciprocal engagement. That is why the invitation to open and innovative close collaboration in social engineering for optimizing social stimulus struggle is the unifying theme of this website, FoolQuest.com, and the first objective of Creativity Should be Social. If for any reason Creativity Should be Social does not appeal to you, then let is together explore other possibilities in social engineering for optimizing social stimulus struggle better tailored to you.
Stimulus struggle is the perpetual striving to obtain and maintain the optimum degree and kind of stimulation, and thus optimal kinds and levels of arousal, from the environment. And this includes every crucial social stimulus from the social environment, the stimuli exchanged during interpersonal interaction. Such engagement is what defines the most immediate stimulus appetites moment by moment, after practical survival needs are met. Such immediate engagement as characteristic of social stimulus straggle gratified, is the opening to attachment and relationship over time. And social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and social behaviors on the scale of whatever society, in order to produce desired results for said target population, great or small.
The key to the social engineering of optimized social stimulus struggle, can be play, most loosely defined as creativity for its own joy, and common to all mammals. But play alone is not enough, for many obvious motivations both intrinsic and practical. There is simply more to life. Indeed, happy people talk more seriously. However, the key can also be creative problem solving, the one uniquely human and egalitarian interaction as observed by Cultural Anthropology, not unlike play, to transcend the behavioral predictability of hierarchical dominance. This uniquely human egalitarian phenomena of creative collaboration in problem-solving is the very lynchpin of Creativity Should be Social, the central proposal, the master plan, of FoolQuest.com

Post to the for all to join in, oremail to: aaronagassi@comcast.netif it's sensitive and private.



The unreasonable demand manifesto

For whom do I labour, and bereave my soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is a sore travail.Ecclesiastes

We all form each our own vivid picture of what we want our lives to be, and particularly in the imagination of an ideal social circle, the better to connect to vital resources and meet personal needs, tangible and intangible, all crucial to optimal fulfillment in authentic well being and human thriving. At the core of any yearning for collaboration amongst free equals, is some vision or other of intrinsically fulfilling human interaction that might even be productive as well.

The central proposal, the master plan, of FoolQuest.com first of all, is simply to initiate and then to sustain the very discussion at hand. But the discussion is taboo. And a taboo is different from an explicit prohibition, that can be examined and challenged, because what is taboo is an unspoken injunction against even speaking of whatever is so taboo. Therefore taboo is challenged only by setting an open agenda precisely as directly contravened by whatever said taboo. Let's.

Rugged self reliance is celebrated but never cultivated, indeed if anything, undermined at every turn. If not compliance, then talent likewise is tested by abuse, rather than nurtured and nourished in freedom and respect. The man or woman of destiny must arise despite and not because of the world into which we are all born, into the loneliness of command. Perhaps the extol of rugged self reliance may be understood as even so much as feigning any endorsement or appreciation of autonomy, even in so distorted a view thereof. Be that as it may, autonomy as such, is even more virulently and consistently undermined, everywhere one turns. And all of this remains taboo, never questioned. Hence open agenda so long overdue:

The Unreasonable Demand Manifesto, counter intuitive as this may seem, is the call for recognition that autonomy and self-emancipation demand collaboration among equals, and therefore to reclaim collaboration among equals, of which we, the sheeple, have all been bamboozled and robbed by most insidious taboo and ensuing crimestop. We are indoctrinated to the value of deference to authority, by the lie that collaboration amongst equals is necessarily and therefore quite foolishly impossible and thus shamefully irresponsible, any attempt leading only to strife and chaos. Subject to such quarrelsome and directionless arrested emotional development, we are then offered salvation only as automatons!  For the masses will always comply in ever greater effort and diligence and fight amongst ourselves for scraps, all in order to obtain whatever artificial scarcity and bait-and-switch. What a racket. What a scam:  Motivational conditioning and false representations notwithstanding, such manipulation, the entire treacherously byzantine process of coercion and deception, the entire racket, actually only serves the vested interests of a network of cronies.

How can anything but mayhem and strife arise from Individualism? Indeed, selfish Individualism is still so often decried as corrosive withdrawal from civic involvement and responsibility. But as Individualism recognizes, autonomy, spontaneity and creativity all vastly contribute to society and even to whatever sense of responsibility in civic involvement. How does such seemingly chaotic interaction, the least and most civil of which being the practice of controversy and the value and free exchange of criticism, indeed frequently outright discord, all as inevitable under free agency, accomplish much of anything, let alone so much more effectively and efficiently than any straightforward plodding unity in obedience to a common direction? The full range of such complex interaction in society, a topic of extensive literature, may exceed the scope of the present work. Suffice for the nonce, that to address needs of the real human condition of mutual interdependency, collaboration between equals is crucial in order to stave off the racket of heteronomy to authoritarianism as the only practical eventual default beyond abandonment each to our own devices as lone individuals. Divide and conquer. And make of it a great favor to the conquered.

The masses will always comply in ever greater effort and diligence and fight amongst ourselves for scraps, all in order to obtain whatever artificial scarcity and bait-and-switch. A racket is any dishonest scheme or ongoing transaction, all not as it contrives to present itself and as is tacitly accepted or endured by the majority of those involved, but in actuality a scam or fraud, a deceptive practice of coercion and manipulation conducted for the benefit of the few cronies at the expense of the many. To wit, from the beginning, in theory, education is distinct from indoctrination, but in practice indoctrination pervades formal education at every level. More than anything else, the banality and normalcy of unrelenting fraud inspires cynical apathy in helpless and dependant resentment. Get with the program: The program never fails. You fail the program! The masses will always comply in ever greater effort and diligence jumping through hoops and fighting amongst ourselves for scraps, believing and rationalizing just about anything, all in order to obtain whatever artificial scarcity and bait-and-switch, no matter how plainly contrived.

Students enrolled in college only for the social life, frantically cram for exams, and then do their work as corporate employees in much the same way. Students in formal education, extrinsically motivated, only memorize inert knowledge, doing only as required to pass exams and then forget everything afterwards, to then find employment in industry, most people working just hard enough not to be fired, and paid just enough not to quit, as George Carlin notoriously observed.

And intrinsically motivated self-driven students generally ignore all but specific knowledge of whatever particular and solitary interest to them. Indeed, among all types of site visitors, the rare self-driven visitors to FoolQuest.com, are seemingly the only ones who readily navigate and understand any part if it! Likewise online as in school, they still tend to be interested only in whatever their own solitary purpose and edification. With no need to be lead about by the nose online, they pick out what they need, and even pour over whatever they find most compelling. Yet alas, they may still crimestop at anything so taboo as taking up arms together pursuant to such various radical and unorthodox strategies as propounded here on FoolQuest.com Thus collaboration remains scarce.

While gifted underachievers in formal education remain throughout life damagingly overwhelmed by irrelevance and dystress, intrinsic motivation so assaulted ands undermined, talent so squandered, because formal education as we know it is so oppressive and vastly outmoded. And for the most part, so is dysfunctional family, employment and even social life off hours on ones own time, because socialization (a polite word for indoctrination) takes place in every structured sphere of life, then serving as paradigm during what even no less dystressfully passes for leisure, what is called recreation, the typically consumer standardized desperate effort and struggle to recover, on ones own time and expense, from the debilitating learned helpless sheer exhaustion, fear and loathing of all the above.

Bullying which is heteronymous, stifles initiative. Indeed, the social skill sets of heteronomy and autonomy are so entirely different. Heteronymous social skills correlate to the domineering guardedness and timid toadying of heteronomy in the first place, and not any unmet needs of the individual. And yet the exhortations to sublimation persist, of the former as the means to the latter. Indeed, that often seems the only game in town! It is time, instead, to break with life long institutional heteronomy and helpless dependency. But how to find a better way?

The cult of socialization infantilizes us! The Moloch of heteronomy must be withheld and denied all offerings. The siren song of sacrifice must be exposed and denounced: Down with all such grueling punishment and reward systems of the rat race as stifling formal education, grinding employment, dysfunctional family, empty recreation, inane fake fun, and eking out banal small talk on the social minefield! Work and study should be interesting, not such a lonely chore and a bore. Likewise making friends and networking career contacts alike, should be a joy, requiring little more than honest and transparently accessible convivial and edifying social interaction. 

People tend to be reactive not proactive. Hence the importance of propinquity, so readily undermined and manipulated by cliquish bullies and cronies in order to isolate and control us, one way or another. People are not rational agents of self interest. People are guarded and extrinsically motivated by perceived vested interests, ever guarding and protecting what ever little they perceive themselves as having as far as advantages in which they have invested one way or another, consolidation, workaday struggle merely to preserve whatever little one already has or else simply making do with even less. And rationalizations notwithstanding, therein lies the con, the great Existential bait-and-switch distraction and slight of hand.
Heteronomy bullies and extracts great investment in all manner of social and institutional punishment and reward systems. All such amounts only to the Absurd Existential bait-and-switch of sublimation of whatever the wrong challenge rewarded with whatever the wrong prize. Then desperate hopes may endure, of later somehow trading it all in for ones actual hearts desire and thus recovering ones own long lost and craven bartered soul. But ambivalence or surrender are the most common outcomes.  
And yet there may be hope: One can still choose the autonomy to at least begin exploration for considering new opportunities and ideas. To wit: The following taboo Dialectic agenda of individual value proposition, is the the subversive mission of FoolQuest.com: 


master plan towards Eudemonia
Welcome to the escape committee from mediocrity and the rat-race!

Putting an end to the boredom and  loneliness of intelligent creative people:

So, first of all, let's just discuss any of this seriously and in any real depth, on the forums or else viaemail to: aaronagassi@comcast.netif it's sensitive or private. If the idea can be developed into anything that seems promising, then next we can make the barest beginning:    

join in! Participate! There is unfinished fiction to critique, story pitches to modify and improve, etc. There are Entrepreneurial proposals for innovative new venture creation to review and revise. There are ideas to discuss. In order to keep fresh and distinguish this discourse from other repetitive conversation online, please try to go deeper than just topic most broadly, by actually addressing unique specific content showcased here on FoolQuest.com  New story ideas and proposals to help develop, are also most welcome.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  — Margaret Mead
“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” 
— George Bernard Shaw:
Both the above famous and celebrated quotations, alas are easier said than done. Lip service notwithstanding, there is nowhere obvious and readily available to turn for really joining, participating in, or organizing such groups, or so gloriously unreasonably reshaping the world. Those game changers, successful in forging new beginnings are lionized, however would be emulation is neither really encouraged nor supported, but actually undermined at every turn. Social support remains among the strongest known predictors of individual success. But in everything that really matters, we are each abandoned to our own devices. This is what needs to change. The present work is a proposal to fill the gap with a new framework of social support and collaboration.
Creativity Should be Social is a master plan meeting the criteria previously set forth in a salient design exercise.
A master plan is one such as affording an overall guidance under which fall any number of other more specific plans or details. There are three pillars, concurrently, to the present master plan, Creativity Should be Social, even before any concepts or protocols in detail or various other proposals under consideration, under that umbrella.
For multiple possibilities may be researched and cultivated concurrently. To wit:  Let us collaborate creatively 1) as joint authors in fiction writing, the first pillar, and 2) innovatively in Entrepreneurial new venture creation, the second pillar. Planning after all, Is an application of storytelling. Comprehensive well rounded plans consist of interlocking short story collections replete with authentically plausible and accurate concrete specifics, with background information and task interdependencies, coherent meaningful, trackable, delegated and scheduled. For as will be explained, therein lies synergy towards fulfillment and success under 3) an innovative new social engineering strategy under development, the the third pillar: Creativity can be Popular, further detailed on its own page.

1. The first pillar of the master plan, is collaborative joint authorship in fiction writing. Sadly many talented writers are doomed never to advance towards their potential of proficiency and insight, simply because they are too thin skinned to endure criticism. Worse are those rabid anti-intellectuals dilatants, actually holding up as their example, the untutored genius prodigy, Nihilistically declaring that writing is merely a matter of individual taste arbitrarily with no intelligible criteria of merit or quality whatsoever, and therefore actually deny that there is or ever can be even any such thing as necessary knowledge or skills of capable writing proficiency at all. Consequently, their writing is uniformly awful!  
But serious writers embracing the discipline of the writing craft grounded in the principles of drama and also the speculative element of true Science Fiction. Serious writers therefore seek and value criticism, tough honest substantive feedback, not just pleasing compliments and encouragement. It is well said that writing is like photography, easy to do but hard to do well. Serious writers practice controversy, the free exchange of criticism, graciously proffered and received.
And what applies in writing to begin with, applies no less in fiction writing collaborative brainstorming, being the first pillar of collaboration according to the present master plan. Let us begin by pitching ideas back and forth, and proceed through creative exploration of possibilities and modification of one another's suggestions, unflinching critique (criticism) and arduous ongoing revision, all the way to polished works of high originality, interest and quality.
Lest the very word: 'collaboration' continue loosing meaning and value, it may bear mention that even while so much collaborative fiction writing online, is of such poor caliber especially in the quality of cooperation entailed, nevertheless, because of the purely creative nature of collaborative fiction writing, collaborative fiction writing even at its finest, will still be less demanding in terms of true collaboration than other more practical kinds of collaborative endeavor. Nevertheless, generally speaking, serious writing is always demanding on its own terms, and to reiterate, that will apply also to whatever particular rigors of coauthorship. 
Various unfinished stories are included to help spur creative joint authorship. Entirely new story ideas and problems are also welcome. But please select from what is already available, just to test to see if this method of writing even appeals to you, first. Setting up a new writing project is a serious effort that must be reserved for people who know that they actually want to participate and to stick with it.

2.  The second pillar of the master plan is new venture creation. In order responsibly to control and minimize inevitable risk as best is possible, professional investors, whatever their motivation, the self interested and civic minded alike, are uncompromisingly, and rightly so, in demand of the most rigorously water tight business plans, before even thinking of facilitating access to precious capital and resources. And this brings us to feasibility study in Entrepreneurial innovation in new venture creation:
A supporting treatise in detail upon better collaboration, relationship for success, fulfillment and stimulus struggle is also provided.
Plans, not unlike linear plotlines in fiction, are merely conjecture, hypothesis as to how to achieve whatever desired result out from initial conditions or: premise. And similar exploration, modification and recombination of ideas applies. But whereas stories only need to be plausible, planning is predictive assessment or futuring scenario of feasibility in objective reality. Therefore, in business planning, let us engage, Dialectically, in hypothetico-deductive method, open ended conjecture, only afterwards subject to such criteria of preference as validity (internal logical self consistency), theoretical elegance and finally Empirical reality testing, following through with adequate research and every due diligence, rigorously.
Bring your own ideas to the table. Or we can start from scratch. We can even collaborate upon further development and advancement of any of the existing proposals showcased here of FoolQuest.com
Just for example, among the various proposals in disruptive Entrepreneurship showcased here of FoolQuest.com for (pre)incubation and innovative new venture creation under the umbrella of Creativity Should be Social, Planet Frolic TM, is a business proposal for a different kind of happier place, fun for all ages, active and imaginative, even a little risqué, an actual physical location and destination. And advanced automated Sociometry is the concept of artificially intelligent ongoing sophisticated personality profiling and matching for compatibility of individuals from a user base, for introductions and relationships both one to one and in groups for better social embedment and connection to vital resources in society in a future wherein everyone will be influential! Because superficial similarities, common interests and the like, really just don't carry the freight; and propinquity is just so difficult and unreliable. To make matters worse and even more difficuilt, a most dangerous and destructive major obstacle to many, remains pandemic serial bullying. And CliqueBusters TM , another innovative proposal showcased here of FoolQuest.com, is the most radical known anti-bullying strategy.
But it all boils down to Situation, particularly that of stimulus struggle and especially that of social stimulus. That is why the invitation to open and innovative close collaboration in social engineering for optimizing social stimulus struggle is the unifying theme of this website, FoolQuest.com, and the first objective of Creativity Should be Social.
For an innovative proposal in grassroots activism and social entrepreneurship to change the world, consider The Green Pro-Space Agenda, for a related concept in cutting edge technology, the Orbital Solar furnace, and in Transhumanism, Project Kriosgrad TM
Also: Combative cuisine, meat without murder, gluttony without obesity, and more food for thought!
3. Any such ambitious collaboration at some point must require acquisition of the requisite knowledge and various skill sets, either by learning as we go, or via innovative recruitment strategies, networking, outreach and strategic partnership . It won't be easy, but it can be pleasurable and advantageous for all involved. The concept, again, is of an initiative in Public Relations, outreach, networking and strategic partnership that actually serves even primarily, as a mechanism and social pretext in order to cultivate vibrant social life and networking for all involved, centered around these fulfilling endeavors and interaction: a true revolution in social life!
See: Creativity can be Popular, an innovation in social life and the third pillar of the master plan, further detailed on its own page
Read and respond. That's all I'm asking, at least for now.
Such a small commitment won't rope you into anything much more for very long, unless you find yourself having fun.

There are tools and guides to capable fiction writing and effective joint authorship.

There are unfinished stories, blurbs and prompts to work from together.

There are innovative concepts for new venture creation, social entrepreneurship and activism to change the world, in various detail and stages of development, for collaboration together in better fleshing out and improvement.

There is background in principles of rational investigation, the Scientific Method under the Philosophy of Science

Pitch notions of your own, too! And help spread the word.

Then, together we must engage in soul searching and feasibility study:
What do we want, what will it take, and what will we be happy to do about it?


Post to the for all to join in, oremail to: aaronagassi@comcast.netif it's sensitive and private


Into action:

Let's talk: What can you do to help? And how might you benefit? Deciding what's for you: What will it take to get from current circumstances to desired outcome? What are you willing to do? And how well do the two parameters match, coincide or overlap? Let us strive together to realistically assess the needed personal effort and responsibility to whatever plans and expectations of one another, in order then to decide if all of that falls within the scope of what one would be happy to undertake.

A well formed plan is defined as one wherein an individual all alone has fairly complete control over every well defined step thereof. -In other words, with no challenge or uncertainty of wider networking for greater resources, compliance or cooperation from others. Indeed, tautologically, barring the most intensive manipulation and coercion, no interaction can be the the property of any one participant alone. Therefore all interaction, let alone the pursuit of meaningful excellence and game changing ambitions, intrinsically exceeds the pompous inane Behaviorist model of the well formed plan. And there's the rub! Cooperation and collaboration are crucial to success.

Each of the two types of collaborative endeavor is subject to different and respectively appropriate critical preference. The criteria of drama and plausibility are central to fiction writing, whereas are the criteria of feasibility and ethics are likewise central, but to innovative new venture creation. Each consists in ongoing discourse of conjectural narrative futuring (extrapolation of events yet to unfold, from initial circumstances plus choices of actions taken in the present). -Such thereby allowing rational and creative people to play to our strengths, even socially, instead of, as all too often, struggling with our weaknesses in that very area. Because real substantive human connection is achieved via enhanced quality of discussion with psychological visibility, and on that intellectual level best facilitated by autonomy supportive cultivation of those more egalitarian creative and opportunistic problem solving and life long learning social aptitudes. -Aptitudes as recognized almost as an afterthought in Cultural Anthropology. This is because Cultural Anthropology views all human institutions as outgrowth from the extended family. And only creative problem solving in cooperation, relatively egalitarian, remains distinct from the range of inherently conservative normative hierarchically sensitive and predictive, compliant and all too often otherwise fairly lonely, bored and alienated heteronomy reinforcing toadying behaviorally conditioned socialization or social skills training.

Collaboration entails growth and change from hitherto accustomed practices. Collaboration can accomplish what lone action cannot. Good will is crucial. Cooperation means actually helping one another, continually and reliably, undaunted in trial and error. For at least until first round capitalization if all goes well, we will have no other resources except one another, and no support save as we can exchange amongst ourselves. Moreover, not only is social support among the most important predicators of personal and collective success, but the emotional security of reassurance from the exchange of genuine active support also contributes to authentic well being for each and all. Neglect is the collaboration killer. 








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