Does Philosophy actually any longer strive for arête, or only investigate in the abstract ?

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought”  — Henri-Louis Bergson

Beyond insight alone: abstract principle into concrete application:


intellectual approach concrete proposal failure of conventionality


0. The actual taboo upon strategic planning: What can ever be more poisonous than the great divide, sheer failure of imagination, between passive lofty philosophical inquiry, inert and never building strategy much less taking action, and practical discussion willfully and woefully uniformed by abstract reasoning or background research, and therefore unteachably condemned only to the most rash, simplistic and misguided action?


To quote Ernest Hemingway: "Never confuse movement with action." Indeed, as Thomas Carlyle said: “Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight." As will be seen, the above rhetorical question, in application, can even become literally a matter of life and death!


The very word: 'responsible,' not in the sense merely of obligation or accountability to anyone else, or of having caused some or other result,  but in the sense of the very capacity to think and act responsibly, derives from portmanteau of two other words: 'response-able,' denoting denoting initiative, the resourcefulness to assess and initiate things independently, and the very ability to respond rather than merely to react if even that, to think and to act rationally, a capacity so integral to autonomy.


Realism is the honest and creditable endeavor to present conditions truthfully in correspondence to reality, and an attitude or practice of accepting and confronting circumstances as they are and being prepared to deal with whatever situation responsibly, in rejection of the inaccurate and impractical. But it will be a mistake therefore also to reject the abstract, the speculative and theoretical so integral to higher order thinking, thinking for oneself, for capable autonomy. For such anti-intellectual false pragmatism as indeed to reject or to neglect the abstract, the speculative and theoretical, turns out to be vastly and so dangerously unrealistic!


“People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth.”
 —  Raoul Vaneigem


Wouldn't it be nice to bet on the horse, only after it has crossed the finish line and won the race? But to dare not so much as the very secret desire, until certainty arrives, that is only sour grapes. Yes, just for prime example, the paradoxical responsibility and ultimate heroic measures of Cryonics may epitomize all that is speculative, experimental and uncertain endeavor, in the creative tension of tantalizing engineering feasibility. But for any individual person, still unamazed even with the latest emergency room breakthroughs, waiting until the first success in more radically delayed resuscitation and reanimation, even experimentally of very small mammals, might be like waiting until the coastal cities flood before buying into all that global warming fuss and pother: Too little too late! Indeed, is Cryonics selfishness distance induced? For even though death is well recognized among the most obvious roots of Existential depression in the human condition, nevertheless death itself is still generally simply accepted as inevitable. Hence even the taboos against Cryonics and Radical Life Extension research towards a cure for aging and the eradication of natural death, may be regarded as only a special application of a far broader ubiquitous and sinister Nihilistic master memeplex, not only the longstanding justificationist taboo against uncertainty and the truth that hypothesis begins in unfounded conjecture, but actually the taboo against relevance in and of itself, of possibility, of learned helpless taboo, replete with Inductivism even to the point of the oracular, never to dare bridge reciprocally inert knowledge of the near and far:


For, as Dr. Chen Yehezkely points out, at the most proximate and concrete all doubt vanishingly diminishes, becoming too small and few really to necessitate much rational deliberation, all readily a matter of simplest expedience. While in the loftiest even Metaphysical abstraction, doubt so vastly unfolds and diffuses as to render rational deliberation increasingly impossible, and thus we often may even be tempted to readily fall back upon authority or arbitrary choice, even in any sheer leap of faith. Whereas, rational deliberation open to controversy, dispute, criticism and dissent, resides neither in the completely concrete nor in the totally abstract, but in any intermediate range between, where, in so many surprising ways, the concrete even informs the abstract, and abstract principle may ever guide concrete considerations.


Thus the taboo upon strategic planning, proscribing the abstract from the practical, the vocational from the theoretical, the near and far, and all vice versa that never the twain should meet, is a highly successful conservative device or memplex surviving from antiquity, indeed undermining all intimacy, preventing alike, lofty principles from guiding practical action, and practical observation from informing and revising broader abstract principles, not only retarding Empirical scientific progress, but also responsible morality bearing in mind foreseeable consequences, indeed ruling out even strategy as such, which by definition means application of principles into practical action under Empirical observation of situation. And that is why coercion remains the default tool of policy, one way or another, in everything from education and economics to foreign affairs, while democracy is seen as an at all desirable luxury only under the right guarantees of correct decisions, but tactically irrelevant, rather than an actual viable principle of policy solution for the remedy of all manner of adverse conditions. Clearly, the abstract and the concrete, the near and far, will never relevantly harmonize in such bizarre and deformed segregation, keeping action stupid, thinking blind and both entirely rudderless. Obviously, cogent solution to any real problem demands both abstract reasoning and concrete Empirical practicality. Indeed only thus is the world around us even intelligible.


Thus perhaps the most insidiously expansively and pervasive heteronymous taboo of superficiality in our times, routinely violated here on, is the trenchantly ingrained taboo upon any and all questions of relevance as manifest in the strict segregation of near and far that inxludes all lofty Philosophical abstraction, Axiological principle and scientific quest for truth and the perspective afforded thereby, from tangible and immediate practicality, strategy and action. -the effective segregation of the grasping of principles from the exigency of practical endeavor guaranteeing the hypocrisy of uplifting lofty Philosophical principles with no practical impact, or else sanctimonious Hell-bent irresponsible Moralistic ideology heedless of foreseeable consequence and any need of serious problem solving, all together with equally pointless, purpose defeating, irrelevant and destructive pragmatic or routine practical undertaking and tactics bereft of guiding vision and therefore often actually purpose defeating and frequently ending repeatedly in tragic reversal.

For happiness, Epicurus espoused freedom, friendship and thought. Indeed: Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk. Because otherwise, to quote Olmstead: “After all is said and done, much is said and little is done.” And to quote Benjamin Disraeli: "Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Indeed, one feature of serious conversation is agenda, moving from the abstract and general, to the concrete and particular. Characteristics of agenda are open ended inquiry in the practice of criticism and controversy, strategic planning into action and expanding collaboration. Agenda is therefore so often taboo. In any bureaucracy, especially as in any way influenced by or affiliated to what passes for education, if calls to agenda cannot simply be ignored or condemned, they will typically be countered with call for compromise in the name of convention and sensitivity, all amounting to the heteronymous annihilation of all the aforementioned responsible and liberating characteristics of agenda.

The taboo in question applies against any other attempt to bring abstract question to bear in practical strategy or even experiment, or likewise ever to exceed the bounds of third degree pipedreaming by rendering game changing concepts into strategy and application or action agenda. Why, even Sigmund Freud on his very death bed, was bullied into the abandonment of any mission of social change, relegating Psychoanalysis to the function of comforting suffering patients in Philosophical reconciliation with personal tragedy. And of course ever more pervasive and insidious Behaviorism increasingly taboos even that!


For further examples, the principles of justice and the banality of injustice are never deemed a practical issue in dealing with the problems of serial bullying; our social routines grow ever more perfunctory and stultifying, because intrinsic emotional needs of human nature are never allowed to inform superficial strategic action mounted towards social success or in resolution of loneliness or boredom; and of course, the exploration of outer space and the deep oceans is trivialized as a cultured luxury along with the arts, and never yet fully envisioned and exploited as the transformative technological solution to revolutionize all of our Terrestrial problems.


And as Dr. Chen Yehezkely points out, the perhaps inherent ambivalence of the open democratic society we so cherish, particularly in the practice of openness comes in our sense of moderation to be less than completely open, because some things must remain sacrosanct and inviolate. True enough. But which values shall be inviolately sacrosanct? Indeed, in truth, are any really? To ask so broadly and flatly is taboo. In particular, we all cleave to the sanctity of human life, while at the same time embracing the sacrifice even of human life in defense or pursuit of other cherished and urgent values and priorities. This invites every question as to under which circumstances and subject to what restrictions must life be risked, given or taken? Dishonest taboo squeamishness to confront such key questions that are invited, begged, directly and courageously, all simply as a matter of routine antiseptic exposure to daylight, can only result in policy that is tragically half baked, reckless and worse.


Indeed, such real prospects as of Cryonics and radical life extension, let alone anti-abortion lunatic fantasies of conscious zygotes, only further press the issue: Exactly why do we kill and die? The question is more than rhetorical lament, more than only lofty and Existential but urgently practical and immediate.


To wit, how well observed in foreign policy analysis of our various costly and failed policies of coercion, it is that the United States of America is all in favor of democracy in countries of no strategic importance. Prioritizing stability and therefore perpetually destabilizing politically volatile regions around the world, the lofty abstract principle of democracy is routinely relegated a nicety and a luxury prioritizing the strategic practicality and unteachable Philistine Realpolitik exigency of global security and national interest! Lofty ideology justified heedlessly unprincipled expedience. Whereas, most notably George Soros, despised by perfectionist Utopist all-or-nothing Manichean ideologues on both the Left and the Right, the pioneering Robin Hood like international financier with his own highly successful and cost effective personal foreign policy, his doctrine of constructive positive intervention, that actually strategizes and nurtures democratic and free market grassroots action, foreign and domestic, by piecemeal engineering, immediate small and reversible steps as events unfold. 


The intimidating schism of discourse into the impractically lofty and the mindlessly pragmatic, practical and well precedented, is one of the most successful and enduring conservative tactics and a deeply engrained taboo that few people dare violate, much less so flagrantly as here on Because what is there truly important, compelling and transformative in life no less than in drama, except as regards character growth out from the near practical implications and application of the near and far, lofty and abstract, and vice versa?


Alas, all intention of implementation whatsoever from any reasoned guiding principle or research whatsoever, is commonly subject to virulent attack as impractically and repressively Utopian, just as seeking to draw plans of action beginning only from the exploration of whatever general principles and background research as deemed relevant before committing in haste to tangible specifics ("Measure twice, do once" as the saying goes!), is so often scorned and derided as Utopian pipedreaming when it's exactly the very opposite!


Thus precisely, is such unconventional considered action as requisite to substantive change effectively fnorded out, swept into an heteronymous collective blind spot of fear and loathing, ruled out of order by adamant unwritten consensus.



1. What is the meaning of life?

First of all, as to meaning: Meaning is comprehension in the mind. There is no inherent meaning to all that simply is.


The TRUE MEANING of LIFE is that HAPPINESS is subjective well-being, an INDIVIDUALLY REACTIVE STATE VARIABLE to howsoever favorable circumstances, objectively.


Wherein: (pleasure + engagement + meaning) ÷ t = gratification over time = fulfillment

    resulting from actively doing whatever one loves for whatever intrinsic value of whichever activity in and of itself.


2. What is happiness in life?

Even given the above, individual power and close relationships are by that token all the more important to happiness. Eudemonia = freedom + friendship + thought where freedom and power = autonomy + capability. Moreover, effective networking is often crucial to success.


Happiness comes in Eudemonia, meeting ones needs by capable interaction with responsible others.


Engagement, visceral or intellectual, elicits the intrinsic motivation of perseverance and concentration. Underserved stimulus needs of nurture for intelligence via optimal reciprocal engagement include steady emotional support, exploration and fun, active participation, sensory stimulation with opportunity for social interaction, freedom from undue pressure and distress though suffused with a degree of pleasurable intensity or: eustress, with varied selection and alternatives of successive novel challenges neither too easy and boring nor too difficult and frustrating, promoting lifelong growth in a broad range of skills and interests, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social and emotional.


Therefore, for happiness, Epicurus espoused freedom, friendship and thought. But we may add: freedom consists in autonomy together with capability.


3. What are our motivations in life?

See: questions 1 & 2, above.


Of course material and physical needs of comfort and survival will also obstruct fulfillment, unless satisfied. So the enduring ideal remains to achieve the means of meeting even material tangible needs and comfort through doing what one loves: doing well by doing good.


4. What defines success?

Success is attainment of whatever goals put forth, such as, in our case, love and happiness, not to mention comfort and survival, or perhaps as best put: authentic well being, all as above, in meeting ones needs by capable interaction with responsible others in autonomy, capability, friendship, freedom and thought.


5. Implementation?

Lamentably, only strives at pre-incubation towards the underserved needs of perhaps more ambitious aspiring cutting edge Entrepreneurial collaboration from scratch, perhaps even on your ideas (I'm looking and I'm interested!), teambuilding and business planning from the most embryonic "kitchen table" stage or phase, implementation from first concept to completion, showcasing innovative project proposals for business start-ups, social entrepreneurship, grassroots activism and more.

Anther underserved need pursued on, more playfully, is that of simply sharing creativity for its own joy by approaching online collaborative fiction writing more seriously, for a more valuable experience and output that does not suck!
Because heteronomy to enduring traditional solutions is often so Absurd!
Design exercise probortunity
social engineering solution finding towards the optimization of social stimulus struggle
One possible strategic solution:
Creativity Should be Social
comprised of the following three elements:
Entrepreneurial CollaborationCollaborative FictionCreativity Can be Popular
Towards Entrepreneurial collaboration, a selection of innovative project proposals are showcased
Towards fiction writing collaboration and brainstorming,
a selection of unfinished story drafts and prompts is provided
Creativity resources are also provided for collaboration, creativity and innovation
Creativity Can be Popular is one innovative project proposals for revolutionizing social life
Three more more are: Advanced Automated Network Sociometry, Planet Frolic TM and CliqueBusters
Advanced Automated Network Sociometry and Project Kriosgrad are two vastly different social entrepreneurship business models showcased here on nevertheless bearing in common strategy of offering transformative services to the public that urgently need to be universal and free of charge in order to function broadly as necessary in society, all at comparably negligible cost from tremendous profit potential in the range of lucrative fee and commission based service byproducts, with the empathy and deep human understanding for reframing commerce for innovation of whole new areas for growth.
6. What are the existing alternatives?

A crucial path in life, is self-work, one way or another. And certainly, those various needs served by formal Psychotherapy if not already elsewhere in personal life less formally, are certainly nothing less than crucial and irreplaceable. But this website is not therapeutic. And little, however, in the vast range of therapeutic modalities and alternatives as such, however non directive, respectful and supportive, remain so woefully underserved as the pursuit, beyond insight alone, of success and authentic relationship specifically in sharing the authentic wellbeing that is subjective and individually variable intrinsic reactive happiness to objectively favorable circumstances of doing what one loves for whatever intrinsic value, such being the unique primary focus uniquely of this website.


Any endeavor towards unprecedented solution finding might benefit from a quick review of whatever range of existing practice for which all manner of help and advice exists, plentifully, including, first of all, the more conventional, reasonable and moderately ambitious and solitary possible undertakings, especially starting small, reaching for the low hanging fruit, the more readily available will be all manner of support, qualified advice and expert texts, already. So there is far less of a gap to fill on that score.
[Low-Hanging Fruit, noun. An actual or only deceptively perceived excellent short-term opportunity.]

-All to often unripe and burdensome-


And yet, the same gap remains, frustrated by the same Existential bait-and-switch, the same racket. A racket is any dishonest scheme or ongoing transaction, all not as it contrives to present itself and as is tacitly accepted or endured by the majority of those involved, but in actuality a scam or fraud, a deceptive practice of coercion and manipulation conducted for the benefit of the few cronies at the expense of the many. Get with the program: The program never fails. You fail the program! The masses will always comply in ever greater effort and diligence jumping through hoops and fighting amongst ourselves for scraps, believing and rationalizing just about anything, all in order to obtain whatever artificial scarcity and bait-and-switch, no matter how plainly contrived. is not yet another website for: recreation (the Ecclesiastically futile and meaningless alienation of Existentially Absurd desperate effort and struggle to recover on one's own time and expense, from the learned helpless sheer exhaustion, fear and loathing entailed in...), schooling and socialization (a polite word for: indoctrination), employment, soul crushingly joyless workaholism in pursuit of material success alone (e.g., Network Marketing and similar scams), solitary and self-reliant so called: "well formed plans" (consisting of tasks and factors entirely under ones own control, even abandoned entirely to one's own devices, and entirely without regard to actually getting results), such blatantly heteronymous self-help/self-improvement peer pressure fitting in socially howsoever dishonestly and at the dire cost of alienated lonely boring and stressful compromise ego-dissyntonicly, religion, or otherwise and even secular Moralism, magic, Mysticism or otherwise via inaction seeking sheer apathetic bliss strictly internally entirely in a crushed spirit of resignation and hopeless disregard of external conditions one way or the other, or likewise unflagging effort by sheer purported power of positive thinking motivational cheerleading snake oil behavioral conditioning and Transactionally dysfunctional bogus support group marshmallow throwing (blithe dispensation and exchange of invalidation sickly sweet patronizingly insincere positive strokes or sweet nothings in order reciprocally to pacify hesitation and discontent, a reciprocal sickly sweet brush off), all in a'priori abrogation of medical ethics in explicit violation of the Freudian injunction against suggestion, not to mention even further and more desperate levels of reaction formation as bolstered by thriving industries of psychopharmaceutical medication and self medication, currently feasible or into possible futures. -And leave us not forget the most open exhortations to evil such as Fascism and bullying, even devil worshiping sadomasochism outright...


Seek elsewhere for plenty of all such ersatz exuberant consolation to insidiously stultifying and perseverant plodding mediocre institutionalization of docile heteronymous denial and alienation, the sheer skilled incompetence of committee politics for the rest of us, dishonest Anti-Critical lip service to false emotion and no end of existing resources all thereto, many claiming such great reliability and success.


Indeed, alas how all such dubious sublimation remains woefully typical in the Existential bait-and-switch of the human condition.


In the words of Eric Hoffer: "A mass movement [in contrast to a practical organization] attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation [...] to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self." Worse, ostensibly practical organizations such as formal education and employment are actually just respectable mass movements of socialization and self abnegation, once indeed publicly embracing religion and virtue, and now instead even Zen Mysticism and Motivational Behaviorism. Indeed historically, they all have their ancient roots in cults, one way or another, with the dean, guild master or corporate boss, all following in anointed footsteps of the High Priests of old. There seems actually a lack of real new vision. What would a real practical organization opening congenially suitable doors for each of us, particularly any conceivable practical organization as might be suited to individuals in a democracy, even truly look like? That is the central question here on


Lonely people often fall prey to their own wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations, even sheer snake oil everywhere proffered to the vulnerable and unwary. Lonely people craving popularity, may often struggle to keep themselves occupied, drift into unhealthy habits or even addiction of one kind or another, join into dysfunctional social circles or bullying cliques, even gangs and cults, and enter into generally unviable relationships.


Alas and astonishingly, across the socio-political spectrum, no matter the range of ideological perspective upon responsibilities, the authentic wellbeing and thriving that is subjective and individually variable intrinsic reactive happiness to favorable circumstances of doing what one loves for whatever intrinsic value, even the most ambitious meaningful collaboration, autonomy, friendship, freedom and thought, such being the primary focus uniquely of, are elsewhere barely even considered if not fearfully taboo from consideration at all, so really dismissed as pipedream for wont of prior foundation or justification! Nor are values of authentic relationship often found at the crux of any practical outreach, as they so desperately need to be.



The Absurd

"Birth, School, Work, Death"



Any tear in the façade of constructed social reality may promote such lucidity as to reveal the disheartening indifference of reality to all of our yearnings and best interests. In Existential Philosophy, "the Absurd" as Albert Camus names the human situation investigated also by uncompromising Zen, and that must stick in one's craw, impossible neither to stomach nor to expel, refers to a relationship between the rational mind and the irrational world, the powerless disillusioned and alienated Sisyphusian conflict and tension between human nature characterized by the tendency to strive for value and meaning in life, on the one hand, with the frustrating human inability to do so in the brutally indifferent and unyielding real universe and most particularly in contention with the unreason and injustice of other people, on the other hand.


Camus recognized three categories of response to the Absurd: suicide, which Camus rejects as only the more Absurd, transcendent denial via religious delusion, or else acceptance of the Absurd. But how can one live then? After all, Zen in quest of futility, exhorts complete surrender to the Absurd, perhaps as the next best thing to just being dead. But the Absurdism of Camus holds that meaning may be sought for, only in the rebellion of open eyed confrontation with the Absurd. Futility in the face of the Absurd should never deter us from unrelenting and righteous struggle. Kierkegaard expands thereupon, contending that true faith demands that it is precisely when it makes no difference what one does, one way or another, that one must therefore take action! After all, as the saying goes, the best causes are all hopeless lost causes.

In 'The Deconstruction of Reality : What Modernism and Postmodernism Say About Surface and Depth' author Ken Sanes expounds:

"Some of these theories of postmodernism then take an additional step, arguing that since life (or much of life) is a fiction or since fiction is all we can know, we should join in the drama ourselves and live a life of play. In effect, they recommend that we treat life as a symbolic arena for the acting out of fantasies. In place of merely discovering that reality is a construction, they would have us consciously take over the process of creating it, inventing selves, subcultures and alternative "realities," as forms of social experimentation."


Life as a grand gesture?


"All the world's a stage" quoth The Bard. And indeed, in the face of our complete ineffectuality to fathom the world in which we live, much less gain any power over the actual situation or circumstances in which we live, Albert Camus extolling the uplifting act of creation, recommending to approach the world as no more that the setting for living out ones own ongoing dramatic performance. In the alternative to remaining a puppet of such bewildering external conditions, freedom is the possibility to think and behave as however we may prefer, in life affirming passionate pursuit of a life rich in experience, creating meaning and finding beauty to make life worth living. Absurdly free characters, perhaps poor cousins to Nietzschean supermen, include the seducer, the actor, the conqueror and the artist. One can even seek Absurd freedom in rejection of Absurd personal constraints, including neuroses and other personal baggage, or such taboos as promoted howsoever arbitrarily by society, all values save for those of a full life, and yet inefficacy in the face of intractable reality remains daunting as ever. Therefore, Camus dismisses and denies the existence of any intrinsic external meaning to discover, recommending instead, the cultivation of any meaningful human experience to express as by the arts and the artistic life. Camus surrenders all hope in any attempt to explain or to solve the problem of the Absurd, instead recommending only artistic expression in the quest for meaning and dignity. Nietzsche, by comparison and in similarity and contrast, passionately extols the possibility of perseverant lonely struggle for self realization and the achievement of meaningful growth and personal accomplishment, even in suffering if need be. Indeed, in Brave New World, Aldous Huxley even perhaps amplifies upon Nietzsche:

“Actual happiness looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery. And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand.” 

Unreasonable people: Grand gesture is not enough!  


But even while rejecting religion, Karl Marx's famous opiate of the masses, or any other brand of inactive sublime apathy as weak, foul and fraudulent, Nietzsche and Camus nevertheless begin in readiness to accept the worst circumstances in life and then moving on, before questing for fulfillment in meaningful action even within those restrictions. But given pleasure principle and the natural and sane desire to minimize suffering, the problem of attaining meaningful fulfillment may be better reframed as the problem of how to be any happier by bringing about improved match between needs and circumstances, situation or environment, if only at all possible. And one most Absurdly tiresome and destructive approach in solution finding, nevertheless so popular even from antiquity, the surrender so scorned by Nietzsche and Camus, is to content oneself to modify, minimize or even eliminate needs, intrinsic and extrinsic alike. In the mockery of Jonathan Swift: "The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes."


But the other more interesting and constructive approach, and the greater measure of hope, trust and genuine attitudinal faith, remains in seeking to improve circumstances in order better to meet all manner of needs and desires. Therefore, life as a grand and for practical purposes empty gesture can never be enough! In the immortal words of George Bernard Shaw: “Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” Because in confrontation with situations that any reasonable person would deem insurmountable, only the influence of unreasonable people can provide vision, experience and direction in order to restore hope. Nietzsche and Camus, then, are just too damned reasonable. Historically, humanity has struggled to meet the most pressing and basic and practical of needs first, and the loftier ones later if ever at all.


But in affluent technological society, replete with the new Absurdity of all manner of needless danger and privation bringing such oppressive despair even amid the plenty, the problem has become of reconciliation of priorities, of material and practical survival on terms dictated by intrinsic needs essential to fulfillment. And intrinsic needs are met or failed by social stimuli resultant from interaction that is a function of circumstances, situation or social environment. What, then, are the optimal social stimuli? -that which has even been called: the opposite of loneliness. And under what optimal circumstances, situation or social environment? And by what means is implementation feasible, not only in principle, but practicably?


Hacking social reality?


Together crafting that ideal setting for Eudemonia, is the often tabooed central agenda of People do indeed buy into and uphold all every terrible evil of social reality, but people are also Empirically well known do as much for better values and in order to improve social reality, making progress every day. Indeed, "unreasonable" social engineering deconstruction and reconstruction of social reality are central to the proposed implementation of Creativity Can be Popular.




Let's talk! For anything private and sensitive, just email me. Or to open provocative public discourse, post to the forum. Otherwise, if you prefer to post about anywhere else online, the free promotion will be most appreciated. But please email and/or post the hyperlink so that I can find it and respond, fully and promptly.




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Please always inform me how I may be of assistance!: Congratulations! You have discovered, often by far too detailed for any individual casual interest or narrowed specific purpose of research, yet nowhere near detailed enough to meet the needs of actual preparation towards implementation. Most of the time, any brief concise plan can be sound only in principle. For practicability tends to demand detail beyond casual attention span. And even then, the necessity of ongoing adaptation to change frequently demands constant revision and improvisation. Therefore we have much to discuss. Other websites proffer the most trivial advice or blithely over simplistic and flawed solutions that will never help you. Do not be taken in by people working at frantic cross purposes, far too deep in a rut from running the rat race and consumed by utter blind terror of spending more than three minutes at a time on each sales prospect in turn, for the sheer bother and actual respect of ever simply assisting or actually so little as even paying attention to one another!


Fearless stimulation seeking: Opportunities such as they are, that typical consumers readily respond to, consist in any part of the at least howsoever ostensibly self achievable and in any other part of howsoever at least ostensibly guaranteed provisions. Commonly, texts upon success and worldly happiness, consist either of scientific reportage, philosophical discourse, or declaratives and instructions. But scientific reportage belongs in context of criticality and controversy of philosophical discourse, while philosophical discourse amounts to little without agenda towards application, to which declaratives and instructions typically remain inadequate. Indeed, so often as we are all left to own devices whenever it really matters, successful entrepreneurs tend towards solitary self reliance, reluctant to delegate, and therefore stressfully overworked. Because, by contrast, the vast uncertainly of teambuilding and real cooperative investigation is always daunting. But how else can entrepreneurship serve as a creative outlet, given that to begin with, creativity is a gregarious mode of expression rather than a reclusive practice of contemplation? Indeed, great entrepreneurs recognize not only that they must play to their strengths but to recruit for complementary strengths and skills beyond their own. A common twice exceptionality, lifelong deadly social and career learning disability among gifted underachievers, ongoing products of lifelong asynchronous development, in even somewhat rebelliously stunned apathetic bored and lonely deficiency of all such executive function including poor memory and low organizational skills, in actuality may be entirely due to severe under arousal to such fully active responsiveness as arising only to howsoever valued high standards of social support towards the grievously undersupplied stimulus of true pleasurable, engaging and meaningful opportunity to rise to their true potential. That is why remains dedicated, first and foremost, to systematic and concerted cultivation of exactly such optimally pleasurable, engaging and meaningful interaction so essential to human flourishing. And what could be better?


No one is lazy doing whatever they themselves experience as worthwhile. Engagement, creative tension, remains more than merely productive means to whatever end, indeed, an intrinsic motivation, a fundamental human need not only for uplifting occupation but for truly satisfying human interaction at all. Yet everywhere one turns, there is such indifference, indeed timid contempt, malignant hostility and actual taboo towards engagement in very principle, as can be seen forever spawning industries of travesty. Even genuinely viable success strategies can more quickly make you miserable, much less all manner of debilitating and evasive scams. And mindlessly hanging out and recreational passive consumption never really compensate the emptiness and aggravation. As ever, marketing often strives to confuse and inveigle the consumer into desperate compensation for unmet needs, via the elicitation towards sublimation to positive associations and mystique, all seldom actually substantiated or borne out in whatever goods or services. For such is the shameless peddling of false hope, taking advantage of epidemic alienation! Hence, in flight from exactly such worldly vexation and deception, many claim solace in religion. Indeed, there are even those myriad disciplines and sophisticated techniques, ancient and arcane or bleeding edge modern, all utterly to cease caring. And others still, ever exhort a willfully positive attitude towards sheer determined drudgery as the path to success, or likewise fitting in socially at any cost, typically demanding either ruthless exploitation of others or else submission to the herd, if not, actually, even both all at once. In truth, however, only precious few of us have ever actually been happy in our travails amid the rat race under such typically oppressive punishment and reward systems as school or employment, demoralizing subtext only ever signaling the same dire lack of sufficiently engaging intrinsic value. -Nor, for that matter, politics and lip service to revolution.


For anyone fired up with bogus appetite and hungry to eat shit with gusto, there will always be a second helping! Vested interest can be no better than whatever the object thereof. For anyone, as is fashionable, well and masochistically adaptive and content in relentless self manipulation all in order simply to tolerate and make do under the ersatz oppressive mediocrity of status quo and travesty, life is that much more simple. Of course virtuous fortitude in forging ahead is always a good recommendation, as if such could ever actually ever be so easy! Rather, happiness being contingent upon substantive discourse, the exercise and communication of the meaningful values of imagination, adequate range of choice, autonomy, mastery (competence) and achievement, together with connection, self awareness and conscience informed by rationality, the true key to happiness is in the quest for happiness more than in resultant success alone, in any reasonable hope, in the dignity of risk, and also in true friendship. So there can be no simple and straightforward blueprint for living life, but at best, towards any hoped for improvement in our circumstances, the following thorny problem statement and daunting challenge of social aptitude and risk tolerance, all towards the hoped for fulfillment of all such real and vastly underserved fundamental human needs and values as are all seemingly ignored, thwarted, dismissed or trivialized veritably everywhere one turns except for the very frontiers of sheer escapist fantasy. Indeed, according to the latest research, those ever addictive multiplayer video games are now found to produce in simulation, exactly the beneficial sense of competency, achievement and connection, all so woefully absent from the Existential dreariness of grinding daily routine!


I write from some experience with repeated failure, indeed even defeat snatched from the very jaws of victory: The plain truth is that having been abandoned to our own devices, in order to actually mitigate the suffering of alienated loneliness and boredom in real life, one general integrative strategy presents itself, so obvious and direct in principle but extremely difficult in endless details and every conceivable obstacle of compatible implementation, all in pursuit of the transitory but renewable experience of fulfillment from fun pleasurable immersive engagement in personally meaningful activity and stimulating interpersonal interactivity as well understood to be requisite to happiness and human flourishing. Neglect is the collaboration killer. Happiness being, as it is, an appropriate and relevant subjective response to favorable circumstances, requires any more optimal social environment being crucial in order to intrinsically motivate or inspire determination, productivity, insight, sociability and other such highly functional behaviors or virtues as are all so often observed to be conducive even to hoped for material success in doing what you love. And no less important, also, is undertaking of all the aforesaid convivially in good company, pooling human capital towards larger endeavors beyond all that can otherwise be self achievable by any lone individual effort, sagacity, individual skill sets, connections and influence; social support being, after all, so important a predicator of success. Famous Entrepreneurs are often extolled as rugged self-made individuals, but more often in truth each was well matched by compatible partners. Therefore, clearly, outreach, networking, connection and recruitment will each be crucial, all towards location of any such as may exist, or else the strategic inception and formation from scratch, of exactly such a specifically agenda directed circle or group, which, though, and as should surprise no one, easier said than done, still seems perhaps the most direct approach.  -A unique opportunity to research and implement optimally suitable discourse and conduct, indeed to purposefully forge intentional relationship on our own terms, then to set agenda, draw plans and take action  in hopes of gaining meaningful control of our circumstances so as indeed to create value and just perhaps by even slightly improved functional coordination only amongst amongst ourselves, than the average which is often so poor, mayhap thereby actually to accrue any new competitive advantage out in the world at large also.


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